What is Fastening Improvement Team ( F.I.T ) ? 

The Fastening Improvement Team or FIT for short, is a tailored team comprised of Apex assembly & fabrication experts. The purpose of the team is to conduct extensive plant walks to inspect the fastening process.

The Fastening Improvement Team (FIT) Walk Program...

is a plant walk focused on optimizing your plant’s workflow by evaluating your fastening applications and usage. The FIT Walk Program is ideal for facilities interested in fastening improvements, cost-saving opportunities, safer workspace, or educational training for your team.

How FIT Walk works...


Meet & Greet

The FIT Walk will start with a meet & greet with your fastening engineer.


Assembly Line Assessment

During this analysis our FIT team will walk your assembly line, going through each station to look for cost savings opportunities, custom solution possibilities, misfit, safety issues, and application issues.


After Assessment

The FIT team will meet with your fastening engineers to give a brief overview of what was found and have a general discussion on opportunities for improvement.


Formal Recommendation

The FIT Team will present a more formal recommendation/proposal to your team within a week.

  • Identify misapplied fastening tools
  • Identify fastening tools that should have protective covers
  • Identify safety issues (taped sockets, Incorrect sizes, worn sockets, etc)
  • Identify where custom solutions would increase safety and higher efficiencies
  • Identify where hand tools are being used in place of safer industrial power tools
  • Consolidation of the number of necessary sockets and bits

Objective & Possible Outcomes


FIT Walk Solutions

Real Customer Challenges

  • Assembly complexity with 3 adapters and 1 bit to tighten bolt 
  • Chrome socket are brittle which provides a safety issue that could lead to shattering or injury of worker 
  • Issue of marring of product
  • One product instead of 3
  • Custom bit length
  • Better safety & longer life with assembly-proven bits
  • Non-marring uGuard cover protection
  • Low cost of ownership